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Adult Friend Finder Review – the Best for Casual and Pleasant Communication?

Adult Friend Finder Review – the Best for Casual and Pleasant Communication?
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 135 780
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large user base
  • Engaging homepage
  • Great interactive tools for communication
  • Many different features
  • A friendly customer service team
  • Dated design
  • Some concerns about safety
  • Charges for live videos viewing
  • Communication bots
  • Very niche

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AdultFriendFinder.com is one of those adult dating sites designed to help people hook up. It has over 80 million members and is full of exciting functions and features that help people get together in all sorts of ways, from couple sharing to finding a casual intimate partner. It is an entirely adult website, focusing on an avenue of fun and kinky desires. If you are trying to find a romantic relationship, this is probably not the website of your choice. It has risen to become one of the go-to sites for good flings, but does adult friend finder work? Will it meet your needs and desires? Let’s find out more.

Audience structure

Adult Friend Finder Review

This is a website that quickly rose onto the scene, being one of the first social networking platforms for couples and individuals interested in hookups. The audience comprises a substantial 500 million users coming from all over the world. The website gets a lot of traffic, and there are approximately 2 million logins a day. It is clear that a lot of people are interested in this website and what it offers.

Is There Any Specification For Users?

There are no particular specifications, other than perhaps having an open mind. You will find that many members are eager to try new things in their intimate life. This site facilitates a forum for all sorts of interesting desires and fantasies, giving everybody more than enough chances to find a suitable casual partner.

Geographical Structure

This website was originally founded in the United States. You can expect many users to come from the US; however, people hail from all over the world. Fortunately for adult friend finder, they have had global appeal.

Ethnicity and Race

Many dating services may discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity, for instance, offering their services to a particular group or race. Adult Friend Finder is not one of them, and this goes to show with a well-rounded ethnic structure.

Age Structure

An average user on Adult Friend Finder is about 30 years old. The site is more popular with the younger generation – the most popular age range is between 18 and 25, comprising 25% of users. But that doesn’t matter that are you excluded if you are part of the older generation – we’ve seen many thousands of users aged 70 and over!

Gender Structure

You may expect to find more women than men in the adult chatroom or as users. There are a lot more females using the website, with 60% to 40% ratio between women and men accordingly. This is slightly skewed towards the female side compared to a lot of other dating websites.

Sexual Orientation

Adult Friend Finder is not a service that is catered towards particular sexual orientation. In our AdultFriendFinder review, we found that this is the service, which is very much inclusive. The site does exceptionally well to welcome individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. There are hundreds of chat rooms for hetero, bi, gay, those, who are undecided, and practically everyone.

How to start: Adult Friend Finder sign up

Adult Friend Finder sign up

To become a user, you need to undergo a signup process. Creating an account is not particularly time-consuming compared to a lot of other websites. After you’ve made an account and put in some mandatory data, you’ll be essentially good to go.

Information You’ll Have To Give

New users will have to provide their gender and indicate who they are seeking, e.g., men, women, TS/TG, or any other. One great thing is that you can choose more than one option, unlike many other dating sites. Date of birth and location also need to be provided, and after that, your free profile is complete. The process won’t take you more than two minutes.

The verification process

Verification is quick and straightforward because all you have to provide is an email address. Some people feel that this isn’t enough of an approval process for a website dealing with such sensitive material, but this is purely a matter of opinion.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved

Email verification does not take a lot of time on this website; it is rather instantaneous. Rest assured that once you have created an account, you can pretty much get started straight away.

Adult Friend Finder Account

After signing up and creating a login, you will be free to browse and carry out essential search functions. Let’s take a look at what you may expect to see.

Adult Friend Finder Profile structure

Adult Friend Finder Profile structure

Profiles are relatively detailed on this website, so there are plenty of opportunities to showcase everything about you, from intimate fantasies to preferences. Every profile will contain details about necessary information, plus everything else that a hookup enthusiast would be interested in, including physical attributes, sexual preferences, and personality type. It is free to look at photos and videos that have been uploaded, but if you want to look at a full profile, you need to pay for a subscription.

This is not a website that employs the latest in smart matching algorithms, so expect to find yourself doing a lot of searching. You can set all sorts of filters which will help you, based on lots of interesting details. We will say that you should expect to see a lot of naked bodies just research, even if you are not asking for action right now!

Basic Search Features

The basic search features are typical of what you’d find on any dating website, i.e., gender, age, distance from you, and relationship status. You can also search for the last login or the join date, which helps you find dedicated members. Users won’t get much searching ability if they haven’t paid for a subscription.

More Advanced Search Features

Once you are a paid member, you can take advantage of numerous advanced search features, including those who are currently online, ethnicity, body type, physical characteristics, sexual interests, and much more. You can even search based on broader cultural categories such as education, religion, or star sign. Comparing to many other dating websites, the search tools are extensive.

The matching process

Adult Friend Finder matching process

So how do you find your match? The matching process will undoubtedly keep you entertained on a website like this. There are various ways to communicate on offer to get in touch and see what your match has got!

Getting in touch

The different ways of connecting and interacting set this site apart from others. It has all of the classic communication features, including messaging and email, which generally work well. You can also talk in a chat room, on a live stream, or in a group. One nifty feature that helps you get in the mood and find like-minded individuals as the “Sex Stories” section. Here you will be able to write and read, as the name suggests, stories that reveal true desires. They can be either fictional or real, so there’s a good chance you’ll find people with some pretty niche interests.

Chat Features And Interface

The free functions are great, but they do not let you privately connect with another person. Communication via messages, chat features, and even being able to add a friend can’t be carried out unless you are a premium user. Once you have paid, you can also comment on people’s blogs and videos, communicating in this manner.

Premium members can see who is online quite literally through the live member WebCam section, allowing you to video chat with somebody else. The chat rooms are a great place to meet others and share anything about sexuality. There are thousands of different chat rooms for everybody, and these are well moderated to remove any disruptive and abusive users.

Is Adult Friend Finder a safe site?

Adult Friend Finder safe site

In our assessment of whether this website is safe, we turned to different adult friend finder reviews and testimonials from users of the website. Many dating sites have been trying to create artificial bots pretending to be real persons in the past. When we talked to various users, people generally expressed a decent level of satisfaction with the service and felt they were interacting with real human beings. You can never be sure, however, the fact that you have to pay for communication means that this will remove bots to the smallest degree. Unfortunately, the payment systems are questionable, and some people had expressed problems when they tried to cancel their subscription; namely, it was not cancelled, and users were subsequently billed.

Data Privacy and Protection

The website does not have the most credible track record when it comes down to data privacy and protection. In late 2015, the site was hacked, and 4 million users had their accounts revealed. The next attack in 2016 led to many details being put in the third parties. Unfortunately, these trends show that this is not the safest website. There is also no verification process other than credit card information, and we think that this is not secure enough, especially for a site where users are discreetly inputting highly sensitive data.

Are there many scam profiles

So what can be said on this issue? With all the dodgy dating sites out there, is adult friend finder legit? We can safely say that this is not a scam site, although we cannot guarantee that all profiles are genuine. Bots are an issue, and some users have reported them acting as other users, although we found little evidence of this when examining the site ourselves. It could be a possibility, but it certainly doesn’t affect the majority of users.

How is the Website Moderated?

If you want to make an AdultFriendFinder login, you will need to have a valid email address. If any member of the site is found to be harassing or abusing other members, moderators will easily shut down this profile and notify them by email. Wrongdoers are also traced by the help of the member’s Internet service provider number. It is easy for any user to report a member for being a wrongdoer. Adult Friend Finder has a zero-tolerance policy regarding misuse of the service, and offenders are quickly banned from the site.

Help & Support Team

Adult Friend Finder Support

Taking a look at support options does not reveal much. We would have preferred if there was more of a comprehensive support network because there is no option for a call or live chat. We found the opportunity to send mail to the help page to be somewhat outdated and old-fashioned, especially nowadays. However, when we tried out the customer service team ourselves, they were very friendly and helpful in solving our questions.

Website usability

When you look around on the site, the design is functional but a bit average. It could be upgraded from a purely aesthetic perspective, as it gives the appearance of an old website. However, we did find that everything is perfectly navigatable, and it does not make any difficulty to get around the site and its features. This search feature is conveniently tucked onto the left part of the screen, making it quick to modify search criteria on the go.

Is There Is An Adult Friend Finder App Available?

The adult friend finder app allows you to use all of the site’s features from the comfort of a mobile device. It is free and available to download both for Android and iOS, with a minimal design that is well-organized. Scrolling up and down to browse through users is incredibly easy to do. It is quite impressive, especially as the site has a multitude of search features available to choose from. When looking at the adult friend finder mobile app, you will also be able to watch live streams and videos, just like when you’re using the desktop version. All in all, the app packs in everything that the website version has; it is made in well-designed and easy-to-use manner.

Membership options

Adult Friend Finder options

As we have mentioned, you need to become a member to harness most of the features that Adult Friend Finder has to offer. Without a membership, the website limits your actions, but there will still be some options available so that you can get an idea of what’s on offer.

Adult Friend Finder Free Version (or free trial)

When you are browsing the website as a free user, you will be able to create a profile, engage in a basic search, and see other members’ pictures. You will also have some partial access to user videos. There is not a lot that you can enjoy, but you will undoubtedly be able to crawl around and get a general idea. For those who are interested in hookups, it makes sense to charge for the majority of features. Many think that this separates the wheat from the chaff because serious members show their dedication through payment, thus eliminating time wasters.

Premium Features

If you’re looking for a website, which can keep you entertained, look no further! In terms of the premium features number available, Adult Friend Finder pulls out all the stops to cater to your wildest needs.

Webcams will allow you to check out your match online and begin broadcasting yourself publicly; you can search members to see who is online at any given moment. Public chat rooms will also give you the option of talking to like-minded individuals, and there are certainly a lot of them available. You will also be able to create your own group if you have a specific topic that you want to discuss. It is remarkable how inclusive this website is to different sexual orientations, and this is reflected in the number of different chat rooms available.

Another great feature that we like is the ability to manage a blog and contribute to the website magazine. As a user, you can keep an online journal which people will be able to read and comment on. Similarly, there is an “Erotic Stories” feature, which does well to get people in the mood and can act based on their fantasies.

Adult Friend Finder does well to get the ball rolling. To show that you are interested, you can flirt by sending wink emojis or virtual gifts, to proceed fun. You can also send people tips if you like members a lot, particularly when they have shared some content such as video – this particular feature encourages the amount of material being shared.

Adult Friend Finder Pricing: Plans and prices

Adult Friend Finder Plans and prices

In assessing payment options, we feel that the website offers are moderately priced subscription. For the month, you will pay $29.95, but this is reduced by $10 if you are a first-time member. When you pay for three months’ membership, the cost reduces down to $14.95 and again to $9.95 when you purchase a whole year’s subscription. It is not the most expensive service, but it is not cheap either.

In addition to premium membership costs, you will also need to pay for watching live webcam streams based on the time you spend watching. It is a slightly antiquated system, but then again, the website has existed since 1996, and the vast majority of users have been satisfied with the payment plans on offer.

Cancelling Adult Friend Finder subscription and deleting profile

When we try to come for the profile ourselves, we found that it was a straightforward and quick process. There was nothing particularly tricky about it. The website has made it very quick to process the account deletion. There is a field relating to profile status after signing up in the settings section of the profile. Upon finding this, you will notice the line asking you if you want to delete your profile, which you can tap and confirm your action. All you need to do is find the option, clearly laid out, and that’s it.


So what can be said about the site in general? We think that one of the key strengths is the fact that there are many members from all over the globe, with many different sexual fantasies and desires. If you are interested in some casual fun, this would not be a wrong website to explore. However, if you are looking for a long-term, committed, and romantic relationship, you should probably not visit! Adult Friend Finder has done well to create a welcoming environment that is encouraging of kinky and erotic minds, plus the website facilitates excellent communication between members. The main downsides are that the website was previously hacked, plus some users complain about bots faking users. Since there are so many users, it is challenging to state facts with certainty, but we did not encounter any problems for ourselves. In conclusion, adult friend finder review reveals a moderately priced website with a large user base, catering to many different sexual needs.

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