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BiCupid Review: What Makes It a Sought-After Bisexual Dating Site?

BiCupid Review: What Makes It a Sought-After Bisexual Dating Site?
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 1 876 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Excellent experience with 24/7 customer support service;
  • Members can interact with a conducive and friendly community;
  • A very distinguished website, exclusive features;
  • Users can browse through the BiCupid app for free;
  • Simple to navigate platform that makes finding matches easy.
  • Outdated user interface;
  • Matching algorithm unavailable;
  • The free members have restricted access to the site's features;
  • The membership is a bit costly for some individuals;
  • Users are restricted to one dating preference.

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BiCupid is the first bisexual app, with about 1.8 million registered members. It caters to individuals interested in casual sexual intercourse and hookup. There are lots of hotties here to seek no strings attached or low-commitment fun. Since this website is designed to provide people seeking sex and hookups, one may be unwilling to seek long-term partnerships or marriages. However, the BiCupid website has everything the members need to meet some gorgeous singles interested in NSA relationships.

After thorough research, we did this BiCupid review to give comprehensive and reliable information on what the dating site entails. The main aim is to discover if this site is worth people’s time, effort, and money. We looked into the registration process, the quality of the members, the usability and features on the site, client service, and the membership price.

Ready to find out more about this service? Continue reading.

Who Is the Platform Dedicated to?

Who Is the Platform Dedicated to?

BiCupid is rated to be among the world’s largest bisexual dating sites, with over 230,000 monthly visits globally. The top members of the site are aged 25 and above. This age group is the most active.

Does the App Cater to Any Specific Group?

Irrespective of gender, this dating app welcomes its members in any setup on which they want to explore their sexuality.

Most individuals use the platform for hookups and casual dating, but a large section is also looking for long-lasting relationships. From flirts to committed bonds, it seems like BiCupid has got everything covered.

The platform’s inclusiveness is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience. In addition to catering to bisexuals, it also serves other members of the LGBTQ community. BiCupid aims to create a safe and exciting dating environment for all of its members, regardless of sexual orientation.

BiCupid is not concerned only about single people; it caters to bi couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Can the Platform Be Accessed Globally?

BiCupid is open to anybody from any part of the world. It has over 1.8 million users, with about one million coming from the United States. It is the right platform for anyone interested in hooking up with bisexuals and other LGBTQ community members.

Which Ethnic Groups Are the Main Focus of This Site?

The platform does not focus on any particular ethnic group. It welcomes people of all races and ethnicity.

What Is the Age Barrier for the Dating Platform?

BiCupid welcomes individuals who are at least 18 years of age. The age brackets with the most members are those of 25-34.

Gender Composition of the Members on the Site

The male members on the platform outnumber the women in the ratio of 7:3. This outcome may be discouraging for the men, as there are a few women for all the male users; however, with dedication and commitment, one can get a match.

Can Members Indicate Their Sexual Preference?

BiCupid serves bisexuals from around the world. It also caters to other members of the rainbow community.

What Does One Need to Get Started on BiCupid?

What Does One Need to Get Started on BiCupid?

In this section, we will look at the step-by-step procedure for creating a BiCupid account. Since the BiCupid app focuses on casual sex and hookups, one does not need to provide many details to register.

The Kind of Questions to Expect During Registration

The registration process takes about 3-5 minutes and is broken down into three segments:

  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading pictures
  • You and Your Match

To get started, complete the form at the top-left part of the BiCupid.com homepage. Hit “Find My Matches,” and the site will redirect you to the signup page.

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Here, members have to provide the information below:
  3. Who you are
  4. What you are searching for on the platform
  5. Email address
  6. Username, name, and password
  7. Age
  8. Mobile number
  9. Relationship status
  10. Location
  11. Ethnicity
  12. Height

BiCupid also needs members’ agreement to their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If the user agrees to these, they have to check the box and click “Continue.”

Uploading pictures

The platform lets users choose images from their Facebook account or device gallery. Besides picking gorgeous photos, users are also advised to choose the images they can easily be recognized on. Well-lit pictures that show the entire face is recommended.

You and Your Match

A little creativity is needed for this section. It is required for users to write a title, a description of themselves, and the perfect match image. Members can always revisit these stages, in case they have better ideas.

Does the Platform Do a Background Check on Its Members?

Does the Platform Do a Background Check on Its Members?

Once the forms are completed, BiCupid sends a verification code to the user’s email address within ten minutes. Users who do not care about this step, and do not go through the verification process, often get their accounts suspended. After creating an account, members can start using the platform.

Does it Take the Site Long to Approve an Account?

An account with the status “pending approval” is not a reason to stress out. It will get approved after a few hours. Once the account is approved, you can sign in using your BiCupid login details.

Broad Description of a BiCupid Account

This section explains everything one needs to know about a BiCupid account and the profile content.

Composition of a BiCupid User Profile

The user profiles are very comprehensive: one can get a good knowledge of an individual from their profile. A profile has the following details and segments.

  • Identification

A user’s name, main photo, age, and location are displayed at the topmost section of the page. A badge also appears here, which tells visitors whether or not the user has a premium membership.

The description users write during the registration process is also displayed here. Following the description is a textbox that motivates other users to send a message.

  • Communication Options

Users can send winks, messages to other members. They can also add them to their list of favorites.

  • Albums

BiCupid offers two kinds of albums: Private and Public albums.

The private album requires the concerned parties to send a request. However, with the public album, Premium users can see all the pictures of other members effortlessly. The fantastic thing is members can upload about 26 pictures for each album.

  • Members’ Profile

The answer members gave during the registration shows up on the profile board. To give your matches a clue of the kind of person you are, the profile was structured to include details about users’ backgrounds (language, ethnicity, educational attainment, etc.), appearance, and lifestyle.

The “About Me” write-up lets members have an idea of another member’s personality.

  • Comments

All the comments a user receives are shown on the last board. This feature tends to boost the user’s popularity and relevance as other members get to discover how popular these users have become. Basic members can view profiles, but need to upgrade to premium membership to browse videos and other members’ pictures. Another advantage of premium membership is the ability to browse anonymously. No member or user will find trills or alerts that you have been visiting their profiles.

Among the problems with BiCupid is the presence of fraudulent profiles. We discovered some basic accounts use Asian celebrities’ pictures as theirs during our BiCupid review of the website. This outcome shows that the site’s image recognition is limited to only Western artists. For this reason, we advise members to review other members’ profiles completely before interacting with them. Users can check their photo thumbnails to see if a user is behaving suspiciously on the activity board.

Restricting free member’s accessibility to the site’s services, like messaging, is also a good move. If these fake accounts can’t interact with other users, they cannot scam them.

What Search Tools Does BiCupid Have?

What Search Tools Does BiCupid Have?

On the platform, there are two search tools available: the basic and the advanced search tool. Keep reading to find out the differences between the two search filters.

How Does the Standard Search Feature Works

The standard search feature lets members search for other members by name, date of birth, location.

How Does the Advanced Search Features Work

The advanced search feature lets users search members by more specific parameters, including hair color, weight, height, academic background, occupation, annual income, astrological signs, religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, etc.

How Does the App’s Match-Making Process Work?

BiCupid has no matching algorithm; however, it has many communication features for interacting with members. Keep reading to discover how these features work.

How to Reach Out to Other Members

BiCupid is a community of bisexuals and other members of the LGBTQ community. The following is a list of communication features the platform provides.

  • Wink. Send a flirtatious wink in a wordless interaction. Standard and premium users can send unlimited winks to anybody they fancy.
  • Spark. This feature lets users view one BiCupid profile at a time. Based on the profile photo, members will decide if it’s a yes or no.
  • Blog and forum interactions. Ever since BiCupid became a community, forums and blogs are some of the unique features. In the forums, users get to ask for tips and ideas about dates and life in general. Some of the popular topics include those about bisexuality. The fact that every member has access to these features makes the forums and blogs fun.
  • Direct Message. BiCupid dating app has a feature that allows members to have a private bisexual chat. While premium members can initiate a conversation, standard members can only respond to messages sent by standard accounts.

It is somewhat limiting using a free account. With a subscription plan, members will be unlocked to numerous contacts that will help them connect and move closer to a date or hookup.

The App’s Messaging Tools and User Interface

The App’s Messaging Tools and User Interface

All right, your new account is registered. Now it is time for a few hotties to begin chatting. Most bisexual dating apps have a chat feature that allows you to learn more about the website members. But the most modern hookup sites have features such as voice and video chat so that you can learn more about potential partners. Have you found someone with whom you would like to connect? Just send them a few BiCupid messages. It is super easy to find out if you want to see who is online and ready for a bisexual chat. Just scroll down the members’ list to see who matches your criteria using the BiCupid search function.

The conversation is straightforward to reach and start once you find the people with whom you want to talk.

Should BiCupid Be Considered a Secured Dating App?

It is always good to do some research before joining any platform, including bi dating sites. There are also safety tips on how members can avoid scammers. The absence of a security page on a dating site is a red flag that the site is not reliable.

BiCupid’s privacy policy is quite standard. They do not share users’ information with other websites or use it for anything besides personal communication and using demographic statistics.

This bisexual dating app encourages its members to contact the Help Center for assistance if they ever come across suspicious people on this dating site.

Does the Platform Have a Privacy Policy?

The dating platform has provided some security measures to eliminate fake profiles. The website has installed SSL protocol to prevent interference and alteration of user data by third parties.

Does the Website Have Too Many Fake Profiles?

Hookup sites, like BiCupid, usually record a lot of fake profiles. These fake profiles are run by scammers whose intention is to defraud other members. Continue reading to discover how the site administrators tackle this issue.

How Do the Site Administrators Control It?

Every legit dating site aims to provide a safe dating platform for its members. For this reason, they set up several security measures to keep off scammers with fake profiles; and make sure only verified profiles are admitted into the site. As mentioned above, the site has software, including the SSL protocol to protect user data from third parties.

How Effective Is the Help Centre?

How Effective Is the Help Centre?

Our BiCupid review will not stand out from other BiCupid reviews if we do not look at its customer support. Members may not need the help of the customer support department, but it’s always good to know that there is a solution to any difficulty they may encounter. BiCupid.com has a comprehensive FAQ section and several contact options. A customer support department is a group of professionals whose job is to provide you with 24/7 assistance. They help with technical issues, answer questions about the best subscription pack to choose, or cancel membership.

The Dating Site’s User Interface and Functionalities

BiCupid is simple and user friendly. Anybody can navigate the website, even those who are not technically inclined. The site has a simple design and has probably maintained the same appearance for years. BiCupid looks a little outdated; it looks like the defunct social networking platforms: Friendster and MySpace. The design of BiCupid is so simple that we believe it kept the same look that it had been having for years. The website looks a little obsolete.

Light orange and white are the predominant colors of the dating site’s desktop version. The mobile app has a bubbly shade of pink color.

All in all, while the desktop version may have an outdated appearance, it offers all the services that promoted users to sign up in the first place.

Does BiCupid Have a Mobile App?

The dating platform has a free-to-download application for Android and iOs devices. With an App Store or Google Play account, members can subscribe for monthly packs. The functionalities in the desktop version are also present in the BiCupid app.

  • Following our research, the following are some of the advantages of the mobile app over the desktop version;
  • The mobile app has a more modern appearance;
  • It is less wordy; icons are used in place of text;
  • Ease of navigation;

The screens of mobile devices are smaller; hence the app was designed to display one tab at a time. Unlike the desktop version, members don’t get bombarded with too much info at a time.

Overview of the Site’s Membership Options

Overview of the Site’s Membership Options

BiCupid offers two membership options: standard and premium membership. Below is a review of these membership options: the features it provides, the prices, and the payment options.

Features of BiCupid’s Free Accounts

Free members have access to the following features:

  • Send about 50 winks daily;
  • Search for members by location;
  • Reply to messages sent by paying members;

  • Upload up to 26 pictures;
  • Access Spark Feature;
  • Create a list of favorites.

Features of the Site’s Premium Account

  • Anonymous browsing;
  • View videos and photos of full size;
  • Access to the advanced search tool;
  • Browse compatible matches;
  • Ability to start up conversations and reply to messages.

BiCupid Premium Account’s Subscription Plans and Cost

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
One month $29.95 $29.95
Three months $19.98 $59.95
Six months $15.99 $95.95
Twelve months $12.00 $143.95

BiCupid provides four subscription plans – one-month, three-month, six, and 12-month. The first three plans can be paid via Paypal or credit card, but the fourth subscription plan requires payment through banknotes.

During this BiCupid review, we discovered that it was easy to recognize which membership a user has. A badge with the words “Premium” and “Standard” is displayed on premium and standard accounts, respectively.

Key features

Take a look at some of the unique characteristics of BiCupid:

  • Bisexual Dating Tips

The bisexual date ideas, as standard, allow their members to submit ideas for great dates, which are a rather fun way of engaging the community. Free accounts may be encouraged to keep applying. As a prize for active and helpful members, BiCupid gives a bonus subscription.

  • Bisexual Forums

With its forum function, BiCupid cultivates an open community. Members can express their views or thoughts therein, ask questions, and interact with others.

  • Reverse Matches

The reverse match is a list of all members that can not be compatible with you, which is available to subscribed members only. Your information – your lifestyle, preferences, and plans will be the basis to find out if you don’t match well.

So why have this list access? Besides the ancient opposites, our perspective and our desires are not set in stone. BiCupid urges you to keep your mind open, interact, and maybe you’ve got a click with someone who is not your “type.”

How to Cancel BiCupid Subscription Plan and Delete Profile

To cancel a subscription:

  • sign in to the account;
  • From the settings tab, go to “Membership” and then to “Subscription Status.”

To terminate a standard account:

  • Hit the “Disable Account” button on the membership tab.

Concluding Notes

BiCupid is one of the best bisexual dating sites out there. It does an excellent job of connecting bisexuals and other members of the LGBTQ community. The website is easily accessible, and it’s incredible that in just a few minutes, one can set up an account and use it for free. However, with the free account, the features one can access are limited. The premium membership opens members to a stream of essential features that gives a fantastic user experience. Compared with other bisexual dating apps, BiCupid falls into the category of the top midfielders.

BiCupid has a basic and advanced search tool to help users find compatible matches. The site also lets members hide and block users. Hiding a user removes them from your search results while blocking them restricts them from seeing or interacting with you.

This platform is right for bisexuals. If you are straight, Bicupid is probably not the best place for you.

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