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Bumble Review – What Makes It Different?

Bumble Review – What Makes It Different?
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Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 14 650
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Emails will initiate communication, making it easy for men to spend time talking to people who have shown an interest
  • The 24-hour time-limit is an exciting feature that encourages people to communicate
  • BFF mode is an excellent way for people to create casual connections and friendships
  • A high rate of matches resulting in a conversation
  • Fairly equal gender demographics
  • Visually focused profiles, with little information to showcase your personality
  • Men need to wait and so have less control over their dating experience
  • Facebook accounts are required to access
  • A superficial focus on profile photos
  • Limited information available about matches

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Expect a lot of great things from the Bumble app. Bumble dating has gained a lot of notoriety over the years and for a good reason. Its rather a female-focused application, much like Tinder, which has gained a lot of online reputation as it requires women to make the first move. It works similarly to Tinder, whereby both males and females will need to swipe their screen and indicate whether they want to match. However, rather than waiting to see who makes the first move, the Bumble dating app requires women to get the conversation rolling, and they must do so within 24 hours. Otherwise, the match will be eradicated permanently. Depending on how much control you like to have over the conversation, Bumble dating can either be brilliant or frustrating.

Audience structure


It is fair to say that Bumble has done somewhat well over the years in attracting a broad audience. They have very quickly become highly competitive and for a good reason. So what is Bumble good for? We think primarily 20-30-year olds that want to have casual encounters.

Is It Specific To Any Particular Group?

The great thing about Bumble is that it is free for almost anybody to use. Whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, or any other orientation, there are features to meet your needs. It is also a rather popular app for those who want to make friendly acquaintances and are not looking for people who are “up for it” because it has a feature to find friends instead of dates. You can use Bumble for friends and not just dating.

Geographical Structure

Bumble online is a top-rated app that has over 6 million visits a month. Around half come from the United States, but the app has gained worldwide traction and as high user activity all around the world. Every month, Bumble receives around 700,000 new members. All in all, there are a lot of people using it around the world.

Ethnic Structure

Bumble structure

There is no option to filter results based on somebody’s race and ethnicity. This makes it a great dating app if you are open-minded about who you want to be with.

Age Structure

When carrying out an overall assessment of demographics, we found that the vast majority of members are between 20 and 30 years old. It is less popular for middle-aged and over. This is probably due to the disadvantage that you can swipe your matches quickly in a superficial manner. The older generation is generally looking for more information to browse.

Gender Structure

It is fair to say that Bumble gives more of the privilege towards their female user base. After all, they are the ones who will initiate a conversation. However, there are still many men on the app, but there is no real difference in terms of gender structure.

Sexual Orientation

If you’re wondering how does Bumble work in terms of initiating conversation in same-sex search options, either of the two people involved can make the first message. The 24-hour frame will also apply in the same manner. In terms of other dating apps out there, we have found this to be very inclusive of people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Getting started: the Bumble sign up process

Bumble sign up

After initially downloading the application either from your Android or iOS device, you will need to login via your Facebook account. Bumble will then collect any information that is relevant from this account, including your age, name, education, and occupation. You can also have the option of creating an account using your mobile phone number if you do not have Facebook, whereby you will have to answer these details manually.

How Does Bumble Work In Terms Of The Verification Process?

Bumble has made it very easy to verify your account. All you need to do is tap on the verification button in your profile, and you will be prompted with a series of photos that you can then choose.

Time It Takes To Get Approved

It only takes a matter of minutes to receive your confirmation or rejection after you have completed the steps above. Straightforward stuff!

Bumble Account

Bumble Account

After you have made a Bumble account, you can browse and see what’s in store for you. The good thing about the service is that it is entirely free to browse and see what’s available.

Bumble Profile Structure

When it comes to the structure of Bumble, it is rather minimalistic. You can add up to 6 different photographs that your prospective match will need to scroll through to see any of your text. In all fairness, this is a rather superficial approach, but it does depend on the type of information you want to receive. There are also options to connect up with your Instagram account, which will host the 24 recent pictures onto the profile. However, the downside of this is that you are not able to control which images are displayed.

In terms of the text-based elements of the profile, it is rather short and comprises of 300 characters maximum. We think that this is not a lot of space, but it does force people to be creative and concise, thereby making the process streamlined. On top of this, every profile has space for answering three different prompts, which are known as “Move Makers.” Each of these has a limit of the hundred and 20 characters. We have found this to be quite a cute way of breaking the ice. For instance, you can talk about anything from your most significant travel experience to what your superpower would be.

Bumble Searching

Bumble Searching

Finding your match is really quite simple. All you need to do is swipe right up in order to show interest and swipe left to show the opposite. When two people have swiped right on each other’s profiles, then a match is created. The female user then has only 24 hours to initiate move via chat. There is a neat feature for connections – they color-coded depend on the rate of expiry, including red for an expiring connection and green for BFFs. Men can stand one match a day for an extra 24 hours.

Basic Search Features

If you’re wondering about how to use the search features on Bumble, different filters can be used to sift through potential matches based on specific criteria. As an example, you can filter by criteria such as relationship time or even astrological sign. People that have signed up to Bumble Bizz or Bumble BFF can even filter by industry or interests. We think that there are very few search features for a dating app. This may be a disadvantage to some, depending on what you like.

Advanced Search Features

Bumble Features

If you’re wondering, “is Bumble free?”, it is entirely free to set up. In the free version, you are limited to 3 backtrack swipes a day, which will undo the most recent swipe made by simply shaking your phone when you have made a mistake. A pretty neat search feature! One downside of Bumble’s searching is that if you are trying to do it on a busy day such as Friday, you may not have as much luck. You, therefore, need to check the app frequently.

Matching process

Many Bumble reviews online have shown that the app’s matching process is rather gender-focused. Women indeed have more control over the dating experience, but it is also rather convenient for men not to have to initiate the first move. Some people find this to be an advantage, and some don’t – it depends on your personal preference. One thing that we think is that it does change things up a bit and offers a fresh perspective, given that the vast majority of dating apps will require men to spend ages crafting introductory messages all to no avail.

Getting in Touch

The unique thing about contacting prospective matches is that women initiate the conversation. This makes it rather easy for men to get in touch. However, there is nothing that a man can do if the woman hasn’t initiated any form of communication. In conducting our Bumble review, we discovered that there are two different options for communication. You always begin with text-based communication, and then there is an option for video afterward.

Bumble Chat Features and Interface

Bumble interface

We found the chat feature to be rather comprehensive and pretty well-built for

text-based communication. After you have exchanged messages for a while, you can engage in the video or voice call with your prospective partner. Once you have matched, you can tap on one of two icons that accept either video or voice chat. Both of these features work well. The app is well designed to facilitate this communication effectively. However, you sometimes get some lagging with the video option.

Is Bumble safe?

In conducting our Bumble app review, we can say with clarity that this is a safe app to use. The team has laid out extensive rules that need to be followed and don’t have any problem enforcing them. Because of the very limited amount of information that you can make available, it is quite easy to keep yourself safe from harm. There are also photo moderation rules which are strictly enforced to ensure that nobody is posting any obscene photos that could violate one’s feeling of safety.

Protection, Safety and Privacy

Every Bumble profile is very well protected, and the company is very committed to data privacy. Even though you can use Facebook to create an account, this will not be a concern to any user. Nothing will ever be shared with a third party organization.

Are There Scam Profiles

Unfortunately, we found there to be no real protection against scam profiles. A lot of people on the internet have reported bots that create automatic replies and messages. While Bumble is certainly doing everything they can, it will be difficult to protect against scam profiles because of the small amount of information that is needed to complete a profile in the first place. This is easy work for a bot to do.

How Is It Moderated (How Does The Brand Deal With Scam Profiles)

Even though it may be difficult for Bumble to limit the number of scam profiles, one thing’s for sure – they do have a strict policy on what you can and can’t post or upload. Photos are moderated to allow nothing evil, illegal, or pornographic. You could also have your picture removed for showing images of people who aren’t you, or even by brandishing things in photographs such as guns or paraphernalia. The company also does well to moderate any pictures or text of an abusive and obscene nature.

Help & Support network

Bumble Support network

Like a lot of other dating apps, Bumble customer service usually reply through the app itself. It is quite simple to reach out – all you have to do is click the “Contact & FAQ” button. When we tested out some questions ourselves, we noticed that response was rather swift. Unfortunately, you cannot ring them up, so you may be waiting longer than other dating websites that facilitate calling in to ask. Support can also come via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Website usability

After you’ve completed your Bumble login, you’ll notice that Bumble has a downplayed and minimalistic design. We are a big fan of their color schemes – they are both beautiful and slick, but not too flashy. In terms of user experience, all the features are very user friendly, and things are laid out simply. You can simply tap away and navigate with ease. It’s especially useful for people who aren’t that into technology because of its simplicity.

The vast majority of people who use this app commend its usability. Bumble do well to retain their customers because they never keep their users from getting bored, thanks to many exciting features available in the app. These features serve to provide engagement with the process, as well as options, for instance, being able to look for both a serious and a friend.

Is There A Bumble App Available?

The company does well to provide their services in app form. The app works whereby swiping left and right is the main activity, so it is much easier to do this on your smartphone than on a computer. You can download the app for free and make an account without charge.

Membership options

Bumble options

Members get access to a variety of different features, and we have found these features to be adequate. They are not the most advanced or interesting. However, they serve to do the job well.

Bumble Free Version

When you get the free version, you can use it to find someone quite easily. The free version contains almost everything you need. You can have a typical swipe style of both hookings up or date, with women needing to make the first response and reply within 24 hours. It is the free version that lends itself easily towards casual dating and hookups rather than a serious relationship.

Premium Features

When you purchase the premium option known as a Bumble boost, there are three cutting-edge features available. Beeline is the first of these and creates a pre-populated assortment of users who have already expressed an interest in you, so you can match instantly by tapping yes. The Rematch feature keeps all of your expired matches, so you can have them with you forever. Last but not least, there is Busybee, which allows both female and male users to extend their standard 24-hour period for matching on an unlimited basis. This is an elegant feature to help get the conversation off to a good start.

In addition to all of this, Bumble Coins are also available to purchase SuperSwipes. These are much the same as Tinder’s patented SuperLike, whereby you can signal to a potential match that you want to collect before they decide to swipe you. It’s a neat little feature that enhances the whole experience, and the good thing is that Bumble is currently in the process of rolling out even more pay-per-use features!

Bumble Pricing: Plans and Price Options

The great thing is that if you are not sure whether this is for you, you can give it a go without spending a single penny. The free option does have most of the features that you need, so it’s great to try out.

Bumble Boost will cost you $8.99 a week, and this will vary depending on the length of your subscription period. If you purchase a three-month subscription, you can save 61%, and a lifetime subscription is available for $149.99. We found that the one week price is quite high, however, when you decide to buy in bulk, then you can reap the rewards. The question is, do you see yourself using a dating app for your whole life?

If you are interested in purchasing SuperSwipes, one of these will cost $2.99, and there are cheaper options in bulk, for instance, 15 coins for $24.99 and 30 coins for $39.99. These are also relatively expensive costs compared to other apps.

Cancelling your Bumble subscription and deleting the profile

We found that Bumble is rather easy to both cancel Bumble subscription and delete your profile. There is nothing to worry about on this front because it is quick and simple to do via the app. People who are approaching this app with caution do not need to fret about whether they can unsubscribe and remove their data efficiently.


This application puts women in control, so it can feel a little bit underwhelming for men. Logically this is great as it allows women to create the first move and protects them from a barrage of unwanted messages and creepy attention. However, even though a lot of control is given to women, the lack of information on profiles means that nobody is going to be able to make a truly educated decision. It’s almost impossible to tell whether you have a good or bad member based on the small amount that can be displayed on their profile. It is very much a superficial and appearance driven application, making it suitable for short dates and hookups but perhaps not so great for long term relationship seekers. All in all, the Bumble dating site is great for young ones quickly looking for Bumble friends or dates.

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