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eHarmony Review – Is It Good for Serious Singles?

eHarmony Review – Is It Good for Serious Singles?
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Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 56%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 12 480
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An extensive online community with thousands of members
  • A highly personalized experience
  • A custom list of compatible partners to choose with the effortless matching system
  • They guide you to help you communicate with your new online prospective partner. Highly beneficial for first-time users who are new to dating.
  • Very detailed profiles
  • Not the best for LGBT members
  • Limited searching tools
  • More pricey than conventional dating websites

     A little to

  • Desiccator to a large number of needs (e.g. swingers, one-time hookups, friends, etc.

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EHarmony is a dating website that is one of the major players. EHarmony dating has been around since 2000 and has members in over 180 different countries around the world. It aims to bring single people together. The target audience is the sole people looking for a long-term relationship, so the platform asks you a lot of information to select the perfect match. The automatic searching system is one of the main features on the website, and even though it is slightly controversial, the platform boasts facilitating over 2% of marriages in the United States alone.

Structure of the audience


With a broad audience on their hands, e Harmony is one of the most prominent players in the market. So what about the target audience? Can anybody join, and does the website cater to specific audience criteria? Let’s find out more.

Are There Any Specifications? (e.g., gay dating, adult dating, religious dating, etc.)

This dating website uses technology to match people up based on your specifications, which you are free to change at any time. There are options for both same-sex and opposite-sex dating. We found it to be rather comprehensive in terms of offering dating options so that the site can be identified as gender-neutral. However, it could do better to cater to LGBT community needs.

Geographical Split

Anybody around the world can access eHarmony’s services. They are renowned for having success worldwide in many countries, not only the United States, where they were founded. The site has over 66 million members to date.

Ethnic Structure

As was mentioned above, eHarmony allows everyone to join, and there are a lot of members worldwide. On this basis, there is a lot of ethnic diversity. In some countries, such as the United States, there are fewer representatives of Latino or African-American members, but people can find potential matches from all over the world.

Age Structure

The structure of eHarmony lends itself to those searching for a long-term commitment, but it is rather broad in terms of users. The most significant percentage of people are the 18 to 24 age category, comprising 30% of the users. 35 to 44 are the second largest, making up 20%.

Gender Balance

Gender is relatively well split, with the latest figures showing 47% of men and 53% women. These figures are pretty good for a dating website. A lot of other sites out there have much larger skiers in terms of their gender structure.

Sexual Orientation

eHarmony Sexual orientation

eHarmony released options for same-sex couples just recently, so there are fewer gay and bisexual members on the whole compared to other sites. eHarmony is a platform, which was initially developed exclusively for heterosexual couples. When you sign up for the first time, you can only choose one gender you are interested in.

Getting started: eHarmony sign up

In our eHarmony review, we conclude that the registration process is rather lengthy compares to other dating services. The site does its best to gather as much information from their user base. It can take more time to sign up. However, it is good that they are trying to pair you up based on compatibility. A lot of people enjoy the process and are satisfied that the company takes their needs seriously. If you are looking for quick fun, it may be difficult with this website.

Information You’ll Have To Provide

So how does eHarmony work? The first thing that you need to do is provide your sexual orientation and preferences. It can be very limiting if you are a bisexual person or do not wish to identify yourself with a specific gender. After this, you will need to enter your name and provide your postcode for the algorithm to find a matching set of profiles. Users will then have to answer step-by-step surveys, which include basic questions such as location and age and then more complicated ones, which feed the algorithm with more data to display better matches. It can be quite a lengthy process because you could answer up to 150 questions!

The Verification Process

eHarmony process

Verification is relatively quick, although when looking online at user’s eHarmony reviews, some people are not fond of the number of personal details that you have to provide. They include your occupation, income, beliefs, and much more. It is easy to perform an eHarmony login, but there are a lot of points to answer.

Approval Time

It usually takes around 10 minutes to get approval. After this, you can upload your profile photo. Another great feature is text message verification. You can use text messages to verify to other members that they can access you and that you are serious. However, this does exclude people who do not want to give out their phone details.

eHarmony Account

eHarmony Account

EHarmony boasts about the quality of matches that they can create. One of the things that will affect your compatibility is the amount of information that you input into your profile. Any information that you have submitted is reflected in your profile, plus there is an about me section where you can list your preferences.

eHarmony Profile – Structure and Layout

As previously mentioned, there are all sorts of answers that you will provide for the algorithm to create matches. Profiles are structured with compatibility tabs to show you how your personality and attitude towards relationships will match. These tabs encompass several topics and ideas, including emotional intimacy, relationship values, religious values, and much more.

One neat feature is that you can submit answers to random questions in a Q&A section. People can showcase exciting aspects of their personality by answering these questions. It is not necessarily required, but these questions do add a nice touch.

An eHarmony search is carried out with the help of a sophisticated algorithm that matches based on a variety of inputs. Unlike other dating applications where you can browse through endless numbers of people, the platform sends you some matches, which are the only people you can interact with. This certainly isn’t for everyone, as there is limited control over who you can talk to. However, we have found that the algorithm is pretty good at finding a potential match.

Basic Search Features

eHarmony Search Features

Once you have carried out an eHarmony sign in and the platform has provided you with a series of potential matches, there is nobody else that you can search for manually. Free members can enjoy limited interactions, particularly sending smiles to the profiles that they are interested in. A free member can only look at matches suggested by the platform and can’t opt for additional flexibility in match creation.

Advanced Search Features

When you pay for the website, you can search for members outside the area you live in. We think that this is rather nifty if you are looking to meet people from other countries. You will also be able to filter matches based on a variety of different criteria other than age and location.

The e Harmony matching process

Other than algorithmic work, the primary method of finding your match is to communicate with messages. Premium members can only use this feature. So is eHarmony free usable? Not exactly! You can only send five site-generated questions. Free members will also not be able to reply to any message they receive – they can only send winks to people in their “favorites” list.

Getting in Touch

This website is slightly different from other sites out there because you cannot search and browse profiles in a free manner. It does make things rather exciting, and what’s more, you can send pre-written questions to break the ice, which is excellent for people who are unfamiliar with how to converse. We think that you could pay to get the most out of this app and indeed to be able to get in touch as you won’t be able to send messages otherwise.

Chat Features and Interface

eHarmony interface

When you look beyond your dashboard, you can get access to your inbox. From here, you will be able to check all of your daily matches as well as messages. We find that the chat feature is well created, with a smooth interface. Of course, you will have to pay to be able to chat.

Is eHarmony a safe service?

EHarmony pulls out all the stops when it comes to safety. Email verification and text verification are both features that work well. One of the best features is that you can have a secure call with your online partner without revealing your phone number. The company has also introduced a new Video Dating feature to meet people virtually before exchanging information. These options allow you to protect your identity and get to know your match completely. You can trust them after having a call.

E Harmony Data Privacy and Protection

It is always important to consider how much personal information you are willing to share with their website. This website keeps your data safe and encrypted. However, you do have to provide a lot of personal details to find your matches. The company does not share your details with third parties, but if you are not keen to upload so many private details, you may want to look towards other websites.

Are There Many Scam Profiles?

eHarmony profiles

Users can display themselves as verified when they receive a text confirmation from the website. This helps to get rid of fake profiles and allows users to know that a person is who they claim to be. Because it costs money to send messages to people, the number of scam profiles is significantly low – great news for those who are serious about dating.

How Is The Website Moderated?

EHarmony is one company that does get serious and pride themselves on delivering a service free from abuse and nefarious activity. You will find a code of conduct and community standards that users need to adhere to, or else they will be removed. Anyone who does not adhere to the strict rules will have their privileges revoked immediately.

Help & Support team

eHarmony Support

The support team is accommodating. The best way of contacting them is by email. When we conducted the trial of their service, responses were very swift. The eHarmony customer service team also has a phone number that you can call. Their dedicated support page offers an easy way of accessing common questions.

Website usability

The user interface is basic and very user-friendly. It has a minimalist aesthetic and arranges every one of your matches in a neat grid. One thing is that the profile image will be blurred out unless you have a premium version, but the whole interface is very much clutter-free. Everything is labeled straightforwardly, making it exceptionally easy to use. There are no forms of advertisement either, aside from banners encouraging you to upgrade your account if you haven’t done so already. Overall, we think that it is a very visually pleasing and attractive design.

Is There Is An EHarmony App Available

The company does not skimp on any features in the eHarmony app. It primarily works the same as the desktop version and has been well optimized for mobile devices. We think that it is great to connect with people at any time. The price for upgrading the premium on the app is the same as the desktop upgrade.

Membership options

eHarmony options

This dating option needs to be paid for to be fully experienced. If you are looking around for free, it is underwhelming because you will not be able to see your match’s face. Let’s now compare the options between free and premium versions.

eHarmony Free Version

If you create an account to browse around for free, you can register and make a profile, but you have minimal means of communication. Only winks can be sent to other people who have caught your attention. It is possible to view members’ profiles and send five questions generated by the site. Not a lot to experience, but it can be considered as an introduction nonetheless.

Premium Features

Premium level is where the magic happens. Blurry photos go away, and you can see everybody on your list, as well as everybody who has viewed you. You will be able to communicate freely with your match, and you can even receive matches outside your preference list. Occasionally offers are available for premium discounts, such as at the weekend, so do regularly browse online.

eHarmony Pricing: Plans and Prices

So how much does eHarmony cost? This is a service that is quite high on the price range, coming in at $32.95 per month for a 6-month membership. If you are going to use it for 24 months, eHarmony cost will drop down to $17.97. An expensive service overall, and it does require a long-term commitment in terms of payment. The website offers three different types of subscription plans: lite, plus, and extra. Light is the cheapest, but you can only access limited features.

Cancelling your eHarmony subscription and deleting your profile

We found no problems with canceling a subscription. The website makes it easy and fuss-free. You can even turn off automatic renewal with the click of a button in the “Data and Settings” section.


This website is an excellent choice for those who are serious about the commitment. The algorithm is the best thing about the site. However, it doesn’t allow you to search freely. We think that because of the extensive questionnaire and relatively high cost of membership, this does deter people who are only interested in casual hookups. As a result of this, eHarmony members are far more likely to be engaged in looking for a long-term relationship. If it may seem too expensive for you, you can take a regular look for an eHarmony discount code or eHarmony free trial.

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