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Match Review – What do you Need to Know?

Match Review – What do you Need to Know?
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 2 700 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Professional and functional
  • Easy to use
  • A broad base of users
  • Few scam profiles
  • Safe to use.
  • Users are presented to you, offering less control
  • Limited special features
  • You're not able to tell which members have paid
  • Very limited for free users
  • The swiping method may be unappealing.

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The Match is a dating site designed for a target audience of single people. Match dating has been around for a long time since 1993. The site is operated by Match Group who operates various dating sites for all sorts of people around the globe. The website aims to provide all of their paying members with a worthwhile dating experience and solidifies this with a guarantee of an extra six months free membership if you’re not able to find your match within six months. The website boasts that they have facilitated more relationships and marriages than any other online forum or dating site. It has numerous features that allow its user base to meet people, make friends, and even attend singles events to find relationships. They also make use of all the latest security features and do an excellent job to keep everything protected – privacy is at the core of Match’s website. So is this going to be the dating site for you? Let’s find out more.

Match Review – What do you Need to Know?

Structure of Audience

The Match dating site audience is mainly single people who are serious about finding a long term relationship – it is not a website for flings, hookups, or kinky dating. The vast majority of the audience is there because they are looking for long term love. So what can we expect of the audience in general?

Does this Website Have Any Specifications? (gay dating, adult dating, Christian dating, etc.)

Members of the site will always disclose their relationship status, and there are no options for people who are currently in a relationship. The Match does not want people to engage in a third-party relationship dating on their site. Although there is no specification about who you are, i.e., whether you’re gay, straight, religious, they do not want you to use their services if you’re already dating. It is a place for serious activity, and it goes to show because a lot of the members will rapidly respond to messages being sent.

Geographical Structure of the Site

Over half of the website’s member base comes from the United States of America, although you can also expect to find a lot of people in other western countries. The only letdown is that the company hasn’t conquered the Asian market proportionally as much as other websites may have, but they certainly have a large number of members, so there are a lot of choices.

What is About Ethnic Structure?

Match’s membership is mainly Caucasian, making up over 70% of the user base. It is primarily because its users tend to come from western countries. It is a little disproportionate compared to other dating websites.

What is About Ethnic Structure?

Age of Members

In terms of age, the website is split somewhat proportionately, with membership from various age groups. You can expect most users to be young or middle-aged – the highest user age group is between the ages of 35 and 44, making up roughly 27% of members. Overall, the site provides a diverse group of single people because of their professional approach.

Let’s Talk About Gender on This Website

The gender distribution of Match reveals an equal user split, almost 50/50. It is remarkable for a dating website and just goes to show how all-inclusive the site is in accommodating the public’s dating needs.

What is a Sexual Orientation on This Site?

You can expect to find people from all sexual orientations on the site. The Match does not discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, and on the home page, you will be given an option to either choose if you’re looking for a man or woman. You can’t choose both, making it challenging to accommodate bisexual people’s needs. There are also no options to select a non-binary gender or not to identify with your gender altogether. Other dating websites can accommodate these needs, so it is disappointing that Match doesn’t do well on this front.

Match Sign Up

When you sign up at Match, it will only take up a few minutes of your time. We find it to be a rather labor-free process. Let’s take you through what you’ll need to do.

Match Sign Up

What Information Do You Have to Provide?

Upon signing up, you will be asked to provide a few simple details, including your email, birthday, country, state, and whether you’re looking for a man or woman.

After coming up with your username and password, you will be taken to the profile builder section to fill your profile with all the relevant information. You can also input more info, such as your body build, height, and several other personal details. There is an impressive number of fields you can fill in, owing to a highly personalized experience.

The “about me” section is as the name suggests and has a limit of 100 characters, which is rather short and sweet than other websites. You will also be able to upload a decent profile picture.

Process of Verification

The Match does not require you to wait for email verification before proceeding. Once you’ve submitted all the required data, you’ll be instantly granted access to start using the website as you please. It’s a swift process and means that you don’t have to get frustrated waiting around.

Approval Time

Any changes which you would like to make need the approval of Match first. When we tested out the service, approval typically took around 10 minutes or less. Everything is quick and straightforward.

Approval Time

Match Profiles

Match has gained popularity online for being a serious website for dating and for a good reason. One of the main reasons is that the profiles are comprehensive and require a lot of data to be filled out – this allows users to take their time browsing for Mr or Mrs. Right.

Profile Structure on the Match

Other than the basic information we’ve discussed, users will be able to upload 26 photos of themselves, which is quite a lot, and it’s good to see that users have the option available. Profiles show whether users are online and also display when they were last active. There is generally a lot of information, and it is also free to view profiles. One great feature is that you can also send your profile to one of the dating websites associated with the Match group to increase the likelihood of finding a partner.

In general, the website offers very detailed profiles, allowing users to showcase themselves to the full. Upon viewing your profile, you will be able to read the summary and information easily. It will also show you what interests you have in common, plus our favorite feature, percentage compatibility between you and the member – this is based on your interests and what you are both looking for. It helps to streamline the experience.

Search Options

When searching, the Match will consider your profile information and find your members that you will swipe through based on if you’re interested or not. It does not offer the functionality of having to find members yourself; rather, the Match will find them and present them to you. It makes for easy browsing. However, there is less control on the user’s end.

Search Options

Features of Basic Searching

Both free and premium members will be able to search the website for users in more or less the same way, by swiping through profiles. Basic searches reveal everything from age, ethnicity, height, and necessary details about you to what you do for fun and who you’re looking for. It is all a very professional experience.

Features of Advanced Searching

Match offers some exciting advanced search features. For instance, if you want to filter based on maximum height or similar age, then you can do so. Users will also be able to enter everything from age to personality type.

There is an additional feature called The Daily 6, which shows six people every day that the website thinks will align with what you are searching for. If you see someone that you are interested in, you will be able to get in touch with them in your own time. There is also a reverse search option that opens up a whole new world of dating possibilities – this is a unique feature unheard of on most websites, but it can be a lot of fun. You may find that opposites do retract!

Process of Matching

The process is similar to Tinder, whereby you will be shown one user at the time. You can then either express interest or skip them altogether. Unlike Tinder, you will be shown a lot of information, so it is not just a superficial swipe. Many users enjoy the functionality of being able to see a great deal of information. It is also good to say one person at a time because with other websites, you may be overwhelmed seeing lots of people in one go, and you can also overlook someone important in the process. Match makes you take things slow and seriously – this is part of their success, in our opinion.

Any time you skip a user, Match Us more information about what you like and what you don’t, helping to hone then their algorithm in and show you, better-suited users, the next day. Other than the usual matching process as described, you can also check your interests tab to see who has liked your profile.

How to Contact

Once you have found someone who he believed to be a credible partner, there are a variety of ways that you can get in touch.

When you click the button that says “add to my,” favorites you can add them to your list to contact them with ease. It is an excellent option to take in combination with sending a friendly message. You will also be able to send a wink, which is a subtle way of entering that you would like to chat and takes the edge off of sending a message. To submit your message, you can go onto the user’s profile and click “email.”

How to Contact

Chat Interface and Features

Match’s chat features are based around sending emails or messaging. If you feel that you would like to speak to a user, Match has its instant messaging tool, so you don’t have to give out your personal details if you don’t want to. The instant messaging tool is a great way of communicating with someone before sending them an email. We find that the whole service has a very professional feel, but there are no options for video chats, which is disappointing. One other drawback of the chat service is that you can’t tell which members are free and paid. It is frustrating as you could send a message to someone who cannot write back.

Is Match a Safe Website?

Just like a lot of other dating websites, Match expects all of its members to be attentive. Of course, there may be some users who want to harm or scam others, but in general, we find the service to be safe. Match is a highly reputable company that does well to moderate their service.

Security and Data Privacy

The website takes its users very seriously, and the company is highly reputable. When reviewing testimonials online and speaking to a large sample of members, we found that people are generally satisfied with the website’s protection and data privacy policies. We did not find any evidence of malpractice on the site’s part, such as sharing details with third parties unwillingly.

Does the Website Have Any Scams Profiles?

We were surprised to find that there were very few scam profiles on Match because you can get going without even needing an email verification. It is likely because you need to pay to send messages, and the site generally has an excellent reputation for being a serious dating platform.

How are Scams Profiles Moderated?

It is easy to report suspicious or fake-looking profiles. The user needs to click on three dots that can be found on a user’s profile and subsequently choose the “Report” option. On Match’s end, they have a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse and misuse of the service, which they are happy to enforce and do a good job with. We think that this is unlikely you will encounter many scammers using the service.

How are Scams Profiles Moderated?

Support & Help

A user can easily get in touch with Match if they have any questions via a simple form, and they can also call a number directly. The service also has a comprehensive help section on their website that quickly gives you answers to common questions. When we contacted the Match customer service team to see how well they would respond to several queries, we found them to be generally helpful, and they were able to respond swiftly.

Usability of the Website

We think that both the Match app and website have a straightforward, professional, and clean design. It is straightforward to locate all of the features via the website’s header and through the mobile application’s icons. You can tell that the minimalist design is catered towards a young and tech-savvy generation, generally using easy to understand symbols in place of words to represent things.

The color palette is somewhat muted, only using white and blue colors and occasionally emphasizing specific details with pink. It is very pleasurable on the eyes and encourages users to spend time on the app for an extended period of time.

Does Match Have an App?

The Match dating app can easily be downloaded for both Android and iOS phones. While it does not offer any additional features, it functions much the same as the desktop version. When you look around on the out for yourself, you will find it exceptionally easy to navigate and offers a very understandable user experience. It has a straightforward, clean, and professional interface, and everything is laid out directly through icons and minimal text. Moreover, the app does not take up a lot of space on your phone.

Does Match Have an App?

What Membership Options does This Site Have?

Members get all the actual benefits of the site, so what can you expect to get as a member? Let’s find out more.

Match Free Trial

So is Match free? Well, you can browse the website without spending a penny. However, you won’t get very far without paying. It is one of Match’s downsides because many other dating websites usually allow you to play around with more features before opting to pay. With the free version of Match, you can send and receive who winks, post photographs, conduct a search, and use the matching system not to message anybody. By no means can you communicate only through winking, so you’ll need to pay to get the most out of Match. However, you can get a Match free trial, allowing you to use all the premium features for three days. It’s a bit short compared to most dating site free trials, but it’s on offer if you want to take advantage of it.

Premium Versions

Those who are premium members will be able to send messages, thereby making Match genuinely functional. Two helpful features go along with the subscription. MatchPhone lets you call another user through a custom number that the dating site provides. You will be connected through an anonymous line so you can talk freely without being monitored. Match Me is another feature that allows you to prepare on the first suggested profiles on another user’s “Matches” feature. It requires both people to premium members. We would like to see more premium features, although at least things are kept simple.

Match Prices and Plans

As previously mentioned, it is pretty much essential to subscribe if you want to have good use of the website. Subscriptions are slightly pricey compared to other websites. The website’s price is $35.99 a month, dropping down to $15.99 a month when you pay for 12 months upfront. It is a rather pricey service, but it won’t break the bank as much as some other dating sites will.

Match Prices and Plans

How to Cancel Match Subscription and Delete your Profile?

The website makes it very easy to cancel your profile and delete the Match account. There isn’t much to it, and it is straightforward to delete your account. Once you follow the delete account option that is indicated on the Account Settings section’s website, this is basically the whole process.

In Conclusion

Match service is one of the best places to go when you are serious about dating. Usually, many dating websites offer dull and depressing aesthetics, full of cheesy fonts and advertisements everywhere, but Match is clean and straightforward. They may not have a lot of features, but this helps to keep things easy to use and help you focus on the profiles themselves. It is a modern website that is reassuringly professional. We would recommend this service for anybody looking for a long-term committed relationship and would discourage using it if you are interested in short term commitments. After creating your match login and doing a quick match search, you’ll likely be impressed.

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