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OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All communication tools available for free
  • Plenty of active users
  • Extensive search filters
  • Available in several countries
  • Detailed profiles
  • Mobile app available
  • A lot of ads for non-paying users
  • Identity verification is lax
  • Some profiles are fake
  • Matching-making algorithm seems random
  • Few support channels

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Oasis Active is one of those dating sites that are absolutely free of charge. Even though this Australia-based service does offer a premium membership, the platform remains utterly usable without paying a single cent. This, of course, is a big relief in the world of paid online dating, but the real question is — will this site actually work for its purpose?

The answer depends on what you hope to find. On the one hand, by joining a 100% free dating service, people have nothing to lose but their time. On the other one, time is often even more precious than money. Considering this, we have come up with a very detailed review of the site’s main features. Take a look and see if OasisActive could be a good site for your dating goals.

Audience Structure On Oasis Active Australia

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

Like most free dating sites, Oasis Active does seem to have quite a lot of users. Even though the site itself does not disclose the actual number for confidentiality purposes, its total user database is estimated at approximately 21 million people worldwide. Sure, many of those accounts may be inactive, but this popular platform boasts 200 unique logins every day. On the international scale, this may not seem much, but let’s not forget that it started as an Australian dating network, and is still pretty region-exclusive. Plus, this is an approximate estimate, because, on certain days of the week, Oasis enjoys more attention from its loyal audience.

Is There Any Limits for Dating on the Site?

Absolutely none, because Oasis Active dating website welcomes people of all ages and sexual preferences. It also supports a variety of relationship types, from casual online friendships to searching partners for marriage. This is a mainstream dating site in its classic sense, and niche specifics (aside from catering to Australia mostly) is practically non-existent.

What About Oasis Active Geographical Structure?

As already mentioned, this site focuses on a particular continent. Still, Oasis Active Australia users are not alone because the number of monthly visits from the US reaches 6 thousand. Some of those users may, of course, be Australians traveling for work, but most of them are US citizens hoping to meet someone from this culture. Other countries of the globe do not have enough profiles on this website.

Who Can I Meet There? Ethnic Structure of Oasis Active

Free online dating sites Australia hosts are not very ethnically diverse — just like the continent they target. You can surely meet non-Caucasian people on this network, but the numbers are so low they are not even worth mentioning.

Boomers or Zoomers? Age Structure of Oasis Active

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

Oasis dating site Australia is so proud of is not very diverse in age demographics either. But, to be completely honest, none of the mainstream networks worldwide are. Most active users on this site are between 18 and 35 years, even though people in their late twenties and early thirties definitely take the lead. Of course, it is also possible to find people older than that, but their profiles are not very common.

The Unusual Gender Structure: aAtive Dating for Ladies

Another peculiarity that makes Oasis different from free dating sites Australia is used to is this site’s gender structure. Here, men outnumber the women by approximately 30%, which is a bit unusual for a free dating service, generally dominated by ladies. On the other hand, those are great news for the girls. Since they are in the minority here, newcomers will definitely enjoy a lot of attention.

Free Dating for People of Any Sexual Orientation

Any sexual orientation is welcome with this site, and we do have reason to believe the gay community is pretty active on this service. Even though straight people may still dominate when it comes to numbers, this site is often used to search for ‘male escorts Adelaide’ and things like that. Note, however, that even though this website welcomes all orientations and can help you find a date or an escort, advertising sexual services online is strictly prohibited. So, you just have to look for users and arrange any such matters personally.

Getting Started: Oasisactive Sign Up Is Fast And Easy

Your very first Oasis Active login won’t take too long. Generally, new profile creation takes no more than five minutes, and by choosing a Facebook login option, you may go straight to browsing the website even sooner than that.

Information You’ll Have To Put On Oasisactive.com

All newcomers who want to experience free dating Australia so generously offers should specify their gender and the gender of the person they are looking for. Then, they have to provide their age and location. Unless you log in from Facebook, a valid email is required because Oasis will send you an activation link to the specified address. You can upload any photo from your Phone or use your FB pic if you want to. But, even this step is not rushed because you can always upload a picture later when a new account is created.

Oasis Active Verification Process: Get in Quick!

The only thing Oasis Active will verify is your email. That is why it is so vital to put in a valid one. If you log in from Facebook, the site will not send any verification links. FB, however, may ask if it was you logging in Oasis, but that is all the verification there is.

What Time it Takes to Get Approved on Oasis Active?

Clicking on an activation link in your inbox is a matter of seconds. But, of course, make sure to check your spam folder because most automated messages these days tend to end up there. Otherwise, there is no approval period. So, you can get started with Oasis Active free dating site very soon.

OasisActive Account: All You Need To Know

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

The platform has plenty of detailed user accounts, which is not that common today. This site offers a number of informative fields, and most users take the time to fill them out properly. If you did not get some of those fields right the first time, no need to worry. You can always go back to the profile settings and make any changes (except a username) you want.

OasisActive Profile Structure Makes the Search Better

A quick look at other people’s accounts will not show you much. Under a profile picture, you will only see the basics, such as name, age, and location. When you press on any account for a detailed view, you will get 100% free access to any information a user decided to share. And, most of them share quite a lot, so you’re expected to do the same if you want to build trust with this community.

Below the necessary information about age and location, users have a self-descriptive text box that allows them to express their creativity. Next, there is a brief section of who you are looking for. Aside from the basics, like age and gender, people can also make use of a text box to provide any personal details they hope to see in their prospective matches.

The next account section, My Identity, includes information on marital status and languages spoken. After that, there is a section about users’ appearance. A lot of people seem to disregard this one because they believe pictures are self-descriptive. However, you should not forget that photos say nothing to website search software. So, if you want to get better matches, tick the required boxes with your hair color and body type.

Finally, there is a personality section that describes user interests, hobbies, lifestyle habits, drinking and smoking habits, Zodiac sign, living situation, education, etc. This graph does not have any self-descriptive fields, as all choices are predefined.

On the whole, a quick look at oasisactive.com profiles proves that not all free dating site users take their account completion lightly. As already mentioned, this website allows people to describe themselves in great detail, and many make good use of this opportunity. That is a great sign because it shows that people are genuinely interested in making new connections here.

OasisActive Search Machine Is Impressively Helpful

Oasis dating site search, just like most other software algorithms today, has two functions — a basic and a more complex one. And since it is a free platform, absolutely all user accounts can be browsed free of charge, with no limits whatsoever. Technically, users may choose to make their accounts private, but in practice, few people do. So, if you cannot preview someone’s account, this is not a problem with the site itself. Neither has it anything to do with your membership plan.

Basic Search Features of the Dating Site

The basic filter allows setting only the most superficial parameters like age, location, and body type. It will show you relevant results based on what matching people are interested in (meaning if you meet their requirements). On the whole, using this type of search filter is a great way to take a closer look at the Oasis Active community. And, it could be an excellent fit for people who are not very specific when it comes to their prospective matches.

Advanced Search Features for fFee

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

If, however, you plan to get specific with your prospective match search, feel free to set more advanced filters. The latter include pretty much all information available in the OasisActive account fields. So, users will have a chance to define practically any criteria, from drinking and smoking habits to whether users have pets. However, we suggest that you do not get carried away with such a precise search. It is great to know what you want from a partner, but you should definitely keep some issues and questions open.

Matching Process On oasisactive.com

Depending on the preferences you specify in your partner search, Oasis Active will also send you automatic match suggestions — once again, absolutely free of charge. Feel free to like or ignore any accounts you see. Note that the more suggested accounts you like or engage with, the more fine-tuned your matching suggestions will become over time. Usually, one would not expect such polished up matching software from a free dating site, but OasisActive is a nice exception.

Getting in Touch for Active Dating

Oasis does not support lengthy email-style messages, just quick chats. So, they make one’s search for people currently online pretty simple. If, however, someone is already on your contact list, you can drop this person a few lines. It works like any other messenger. You wait for them to get back to you, and if they are online, you can go deep in conversation. You can, of course, contact currently offline users for the first time, too. However, the site will always show you active accounts first.

Chat Features and Interface on Oasisactive.com

Chat windows on Oasis Active are sleek and functional. Normally, you would not expect neat design and polished-up interface from a free dating chat, but this platform once again surprises its users. Aside from standard text chats, you can always start an audio or video call — for free, pretty much as you would do on any other free messenger.

Is OasisActive Safe For Users?

There are few free dating sites that can ensure complete safety, especially if, just like Oasis Active, they do not verify their user identity. On the other hand, basic Internet security rules apply to a variety of sites, and as long as users keep to them, they are safe. Even more so, when the site takes all necessary precaution measures from the tech side —which is exactly the case with Oasis.

Data Privacy and Protection of the Dating Site

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

OasisActive uses an SSL encryption to protect any data users share on their profile pages. The same goes for communication within the website, which remains private among all users. The site, even though it has a Facebook login and some access to your basic FB info, never posts on your timeline or advertises their services from users’ FB pages. Besides, you can always take a look at their pretty detailed Terms and Conditions page. Not to bore you with the details, the essence is pretty simple: they do not share your info with the third parties and are fully committed to protecting user privacy.

Are There Many Scam Profiles on Free Dating Sites?

Obviously, a free dating network attracts a lot of scam profiles, but they are incredibly easy to spot. For starters, many of those accounts remain incomplete, and some of them are trying to sell staff or advertise services. Reporting fraudulent activity as simple as ABC, and if someone rude or offensive contacts you, you can also report this user to site admins.

How is Oasisactive.com Moderated?

OasisActive moderation team may not be there for you 24/7, but they still do a great job. Any suspicious activity reports are taken care of promptly, and so are complaints about offensive users. Note that you can also report any people advertising escorts in Adelaide and other major cities because those are often scams. If you do need an escort, you can always find a date and arrange the deal by yourself. The latter is totally allowed, while the first one is not.

Help&Support for Safe Free Dating

Just like the moderator team, OasisActive tech support is not the quickest one out there. On the other hand, few free dating sites can boast a prompt support team because they simply lack the budget in most cases. So, with this site, you will not have a lot of communication means to ask questions or send requests. There is a pretty standard email form, and most reports are handled within 48 hours. This is not the best you can get, of course, but for a free site, it is more than tolerable.

Website Usability for Active Use

For a free website, Oasis Active is well designed. Sure, some design elements seem a bit rushed and outdated, but everything works ok when it comes to website functionality. On occasion, some pages may take time to load; but, if you are using the website with a stable Internet connection, you should barely ever experience this issue. Website functionality and navigation are quite standard and do not take much time to figure out. Users also get relevant notifications about people who have liked them, so this website wins a steady 4 out of 5 when it comes to usability.

Is There an OasisActive App Available for My Smartphone?

Oasis Active app is available for both iOS and Android users, and you can easily find it on any of the respective stores. Similar to the website, the app is 100% free to download and to use. It does not improve on any of the desktop features, but on the bright side, it does not compromise on any of them either. The same design theme is clearly traceable, and all basic communication tools remain in the right places. There is no mobile-optimized browser version for other smartphones, but if we are absolutely honest — very few people use anything but Apple or Android, anyway.

Membership Options On the Site

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

As already mentioned, OasisActive is a free dating app, and anyone willing to join can use all of the site’s most essential features without paying a single dime. However, it still offers some of its perks for a price. So, let’s consider whether additional functionalities make a lot of difference and, more importantly, whether they are worth paying for.

OasisActive Free Version: What Do I Get?

OasisActive free version is absolutely usable. People can sign up, fill in all of their profile fields, search for other users with advanced filters, and view any information people share in their accounts. Of course, the account has to be in public mode for that, but most of them are, anyway. Most importantly, free Oasis users have full access to all communication tools, which is not something you see every day. Here, people can chat all they want — with video or without it.

Premium Features for Better Dating Process

So, the question is — why a site that offers all the functionality for free would have a premium account in the first place? Well, the ads, of course. Free users cannot disable those, but paid ones can. On the whole, it is up to you to pay for an Adblock. Some people have no problem with ads, while others get really annoyed. And Oasis Active does have a lot of ads, which sometimes interfere with user experience and even make pages load slower.

Another perk you can get for some money is the Shoutout feature. It allows broadcasting one message to a thousand people at once. The main problem with this service is that all messages are predefined, and there is no way to customize them.

OasisActive Pricing: Plans and Prices to Improve Your Experience

Given that OasisActive does not offer any truly necessary features for the money, their prices are quite reasonable. Blocking all ads for a month costs around 3,5 Euro, but this price may vary slightly from time to time. All shoutouts are also paid for separately, and the cost of a single shoutout is usually within one-euro range. But, once again, the site changes its prices from time to time, and regional taxes also apply. So, take those numbers as an average estimate.

Cancelling OasisActive Subscription and Deleting Profile

OasisActive does not have classic subscriptions, so any services you pay for will not auto-renew. This means that you will not have to cancel your subscription even if you decide to stop using the site. No recurring payments — no problem. Deleting an account will not be a problem, either. All it takes is a couple of clicks in your account settings.

Conclusion: Nice Place to Start Online Dating

OasisActive Review: a Free Haven for Singles to Mingle

While some users confuse this free dating service with a hookup website and try searching for accounts offering ‘Asian escorts Adelaide’ or other sex services, Oasis Active is a totally legit platform. In fact, any offensive users or people advertising sex services are quickly banned from the platform, so overall, this site remains safe to use.

The best part about this website is that it is entirely free of charge. Even if you want to pay for blocking the annoying ads, you will not be overcharged. Finally, it welcomes all people, regardless of age, relationship goals, or sexual orientation. So, OasisActive can truly be called a highly democratic platform worth trying.

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