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SingleMuslim Review: Will It Give You a Chance for a Lasting Marriage?

SingleMuslim Review: Will It Give You a Chance for a Lasting Marriage?
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Beauty 90%
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Visit rate 7.6
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Pros and Cons

  • 100% free for women
  • Detailed profiles
  • Advanced search filters
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms
  • High security level
  • Great success rate
  • Men must always pay for communication
  • Premium plans are a bit pricey
  • Some accounts are fake
  • Lengthy registration process
  • No social media login

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Even from the website name, one can see that SingleMuslim is a dating site targeting Muslim culture. More specifically, this is a Muslim marriage website, aiming to introduce singles to their potential spouses. While you will not find much variety on this network — neither in terms of ethnicity nor when it comes to dating intentions — this platform has a clearly defined niche, which is a huge plus. This way, people belonging to Muslim culture do not have to face any culturally-inappropriate behavior, so common on mainstream international dating sites.

On the other hand, having a clearly defined cultural niche is not always a warranty of success. The good news here is that this platform has one of the highest success rates across Muslim dating sites. Plenty of people have already found spouses on this service. Will you? Take a look at our review to find out if this website could work for you.

Audience Structure

SingleMuslim Structure

SingleMuslim is a vast network, with over two million users worldwide. User activity on this service is awe-inspiring, as over a hundred thousand new accounts are created every month. At the same time, around 500 old profiles are deleted daily, and not because users are disappointed with the site. Entirely on the contrary, they leave because they have found their match and have no more reason to use this dating site. This is a truly impressive stat, so let’s take a closer look at the website audience to see if you could find a spouse here.

Is There Any Specification?

As the name Kindly suggests, this is a Muslim marriage site, focusing on serious relationships and lifelong commitment. There is no other specification, aside from culture and dating intentions. Note, however, that since this culture presupposes relatives’ close involvement in romantic affairs, some accounts may be created by relatives, not by people represented on profile pics. Such accounts should have a relevant badge.

Geographical Structure

Of 2+ million active single Muslims, over a million of those people come from the UK, approximately 300 thousand — from the US, and the rest is scattered across different Islamic countries. So, this a truly international website, and even though the majority of people live in the UK, it is still possible to find a good match in other parts of the globe.

Ethnic Structure

You will not see too much ethnic variety on this platform since it has a clearly defined cultural niche. Technically, non-muslim people are allowed to join, even though their chances of success on this site will be slim. There is no restriction on the actual ethnicity, though — any person, also if converted from a different culture and religion, can join.

Age Structure

The age range on singlemuslim.com varies, even though most users are either in their twenties or thirties. However, the site itself does not reveal stats on the exact user demographics. Besides, robust activity with users coming and going makes it hard to say for sure which age group dominates this site. However, the website posts data about the age difference their users are ok with. Around 75% of people are looking for someone their age, with no more than a 5-year difference. 14% are ok with a ten-year age gap, and only 2% would accept a 20-year age difference.

Gender Structure

Surprisingly, most users on this site are men. Women account for only 35% of the total audience, so we assume the odds of quickly finding a spouse are in the ladies’ favor. Besides, women have another advantage with this service. For them, it is a 100% free Muslim marriage site.

Sexual Orientation

Quite expectedly, this is not a gay service. Only straight people looking for opposite-sex partners are allowed to join. For one of the leading Arab dating sites, such a restriction is quite beneficial. For one, it falls in line with the Muslim culture. And, of course, it helps singles focus on finding good spouses by eliminating the gay audience.

Getting Started: SingleMuslim Sign Up

SingleMuslim Sign Up

Now, it is time to brace yourself because this site is one of those Muslim marriage apps that have a lengthy registration process. On the bright side, answering lengthy questionnaires and completing a personality test is vital because it boosts users’ chances of finding a perfect match.

Information You’ll Have to Provide

This site does not have any social media login options, so you will always have to register the old-fashioned way, with a valid email. This, however, is not the longest part of the process. Filling in an initial registration form is relatively quick — you give your email, think of a user name, specify your age, and location.

You do not even need to think of a password because it will be automatically generated and sent to your inbox. So, Single Muslim kills two birds with one stone — saves users time thinking of strong passwords and verifies their emails at the same time. If you want to, you can change this password later. But, of course, make sure you go with a secure one because privacy and confidentiality are critical on any website, dating service in particular.

Before you proceed with the account creation, you’ll have to answer quite a lot of questions about your personality and lifestyle. On the whole, this could take up to ten minutes because there will be questions about your mosque attendance, Halal habits, hijab preferences, etc. Make sure to take these questions with all seriousness because honest answers will help you find a truly great Muslim match.

Verification Process

Absolutely all info you specify in the account section will have to be approved by the site admins first. All photos and account descriptions must be Halal. However, there is no need to worry that your account will be suspended for no reason. As long as you keep it decent, no one should evaluate your mosque attending habits or particular beliefs you keep to. As long, of course, those are still a part of the Muslim culture. But the admins are not here to judge; they are here to make sure no frauds sneak into their friendly community.

Time it Takes to Get Approved

This depends on the latest activity and how busy the admin team is. Sometimes, a new account can be approved within a couple of hours, while in some other cases, people might be forced to wait 24-48 hours. Still, ‘Pending approval’ badge is no reason to get anxious. After all, you’ve already made the first step to finding your perfect partner — which is usually a time-consuming and responsible process. So, relax and wait a couple more days — you will find what you want soon enough.

SingleMuslim Account

SingleMuslim Account

As you can guess from the registration process, profiles on this site are very detailed, and no wonder. After all, this is not a Muslim Tinder for casual dates. Here, people are actually looking for something serious, so they take time and put a lot of effort into their profiles.

SingleMuslim Profile Structure

Most information you provided during the registration will be displayed in a short preview of your profile. This will include religion, profession, marital status, and location. Besides, there will be more detailed profile graphs about one’s personality, the personality of a person one is looking for, and reasons for joining the site. The latter are all text boxes, so users are actually encouraged to apply some creativity. Finally, people can upload up to 12 pictures to a user photo gallery, not just one main profile pic.

Besides, all user profiles on Single Muslim are given a star rating from zero to five. This has nothing to do with account popularity. Instead, it takes into account how detailed a profile is. For example, you get one star for writing at least 75 words in the ‘about me’ section. The more details you provide, the more stars you earn. This way, site owners encourage users to get really specific about their personalities and expectations from the service. Besides, all other community members can clearly see how seriously a particular user takes one’s search for a partner.

SingleMuslim Search

Speaking of searching for a partner, SingleMuslim has both basic and advanced search filters available. Given the number of website users, we think it is wise to offer people some advanced search options.

Basic Search Features

Quite logically, basic search includes only the most basic information about users. You really should start with this filter if you want to take a good look at the site community. It will include only age, location, and a few other preferences. You can, for example, search for all single Muslim USA users or limit your search to a particular state/city. So, while good for casting a wide net, it is not always enough for people who have specific requirements in search of a perfect partner.

Advanced Search Features

Advanced search allows people to indicate practically every parameter users can specify in their accounts. Of course, it will not consider the text box descriptions, but they will take into account all religious and lifestyle habits people indicate when signing up and filling in their profiles. Personality traits can also be included in this search type. So, instead of just browsing for single Muslim US users, you really get a chance to narrow down your prospective matches.

Matching Process

SingleMuslim Matching

Matchmaking algorithms on Single Muslim are quite complex. The site compares people’s answers to religious and personality questions and shows accounts that could be most compatible with each other. You can also like any profiles you see, and the software will take these preferences into account as well. All in all, this site really does not send its users any random matches — and plenty of positive Single Muslim reviews prove that.

Getting in Touch

Don’t expect any hectic Muslim chatting rooms on this service. This site is all about personal communication and building trust with separate users. So, all communication remains private and personal. A lot here depends on lengthy, email-style messages. However, other interactive options are available, as well.

Chat Features and Interface

Even though this platform will not offer you to join an Iran chat room or any other chat room by interest, you can still talk with your prospective matches one-on-one. When you see someone you like, simply click on a chat button, and drop your message. The chat feature on this platform is self-explaining, and each person you contact even once is added to your existing contact list. If you are ready to take your communication with a special someone to a new level, you can even make a video call via the service.

Is SingleMuslim Safe?

SingleMuslim Safe

Most dating services out there do not take security too seriously, but SingleMuslim is a nice exception. Not only do they moderate users’ profiles and take all necessary tech measures to eliminate information leak, but they also ask for additional identity verification should some suspicions arise.

Data Privacy and Protection

Single Muslim is properly encrypted and keeps all of its user data private. There is no way to preview any of the user accounts without registration, and some profiles may keep certain information private. For example, users may choose to keep their photo galleries visible only to people on their contact list. Needless to say, this site never shares its user data with third parties. In fact, website management is not too talkative about user structure and demographics. So, your confidentiality is safe with SingleMuslim.

Are There Many Scam Profiles

Any marriage site inevitably attracts scammers, but we do not believe that this platform has too many fraudulent accounts. Even though single Muslim women can use this service for free, most of their accounts are legitimate. In fact, many women go through a strict identity verification procedure and even have to go through a video interview with the support team. Such high security levels keep the number of fraudulent accounts at a possible minimum.

How is it Moderated

On the other hand, you may come across a profile that is utterly fake. You may not see it from the profile description, of course, but it will become self-evident in the communication process. If a user asks you for money, you should immediately report this person to the support team. Then, they will ask for additional identity proof and even schedule a video call with this user. Any profiles proven to be fake are immediately banned from the system. If there are no obvious red flags like money requests, but user communication seems to be inconsistent with profile info, you can still report this person to the admin team. They, once again, will personally determine what’s up with this account.


SingleMuslim Support

SingleMuslim support does not have too many contact channels, but they are still highly responsive over email. Premium users (that is, men who pay for subscriptions and communication via the platform) also have a priority line when it comes to the support tickets. Most of your issues will be addressed within 24 hours — sometimes, even sooner than that. So, even though website support uses old-fashioned and seemingly slow communication means, they are quite fast to reply and help you with any inquiry.

Website Usability

Even though Single Muslim targets a pretty conservative audience, website design is surprisingly trendy. It features neutral, tasteful colors and does not have any flashy or distracting elements. In fact, everything is smooth and composed. What’s even more important, all functional elements can be easily found even by inexperienced users. Site navigation is a breeze; every functionality is polished up, and the overall platform seems to be 100% glitch-free.

Is there a SingleMuslim App Available

SingleMuslim App

Another strong point of this service is a Single Muslim app, available both on AppStore and PlayMarket. The same tasteful design and neat functionality are clearly traceable. While this app does not bring any additional perks to the desktop version, it still offers a great way to stay in touch without a laptop at hand. Plus, it does not cut out any of the necessary features and looks as bug-free as the website.

Membership Options

SingleMuslim membership

As already mentioned, Muslim chat and all other communication tools are 100% free for women. Men, however, will not do much with a free account. Basically, it exists only to introduce newly joined bachelors to the website and its community. Take a quick look at the available features and see for yourself.

SingleMuslim Free Version (or free trial)

Men can sign up, complete all of their account sections, and make use of the search filters. Unless a certain profile has been set to private, they will also be able to see full profile descriptions. There is also a chance to like a lady’s profile, but that’s where the available free features end.

Premium Features

SingleMuslim premium

Premium users, on the other hand, unlock unlimited communication with SingleMuslim. They can reach out to women, read incoming messages, start live chats, see who viewed or liked their profile, and get read messages receipts. When using the search filters, they do not have to manually enter the same parameters over and over again (as free users do). Paid members can save their search results. Besides, they also get automatic match suggestions, which makes it possible to stop using the search engine whatsoever. Finally, they get a priority line with the support tickets.

SingleMuslim Pricing: Plans and Prices

Obviously, if a man wants to find a bride with this Islam chat and dating platform, he is expected to pay. Otherwise, there is no way to communicate with the ladies. Subscription costs are quite high, but given the high security levels on this website, we assume such cost is justified.

Being a premium user for one month costs $49. This is quite a lot, but you can always minimize your expenses by committing to an annual subscription. It costs $180 for the whole period, which reduces average monthly expenses to just $15. This price is already within a reasonable market average. Besides, most men use dating services between 10 and 16 months before they finally find their bride, so an annual plan makes all the sense in the world.

If you are not yet ready to commit for a full year of using SingleMuslim services, consider a three-month subscription. It costs $99 total, or $33 a month.

Cancelling SingleMuslim Subscription and Deleting profile

Also, note that absolutely all subscriptions on this leading Muslim dating app auto-renew. If you do not want to be billed again, you will have to cancel the existing plan 28 days before its expiration date. The site is not too anxious to refund its recurring payments, so make a note of this just in case you decide to cancel. Also, make sure to cancel any subscriptions before deleting your account. Fortunately, both actions require just a couple of clicks in your account settings.


SingleMuslim Conclusion

This platform is one of the top Muslim dating sites, so it could be a great fit for Muslim singles looking to settle down. Of course, it may seem unfair that women get to use it for free, and men do not. On the other hand, such billing plans do make sense, especially if you take cultural peculiarities into account. And, while subscriptions plans are a bit higher than average, authentic profiles and high security levels make up for this inconvenience. Still, what’s truly important is that this site is nice to use. And, given the matching success rate on SingleMuslim, you really should consider looking for a spouse here.

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