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Zoosk Review: All You Need to Know

Zoosk Review: All You Need to Know
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Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a large user base, including people of all orientations, ages, and backgrounds.
  • Over 3 million messages are sent every day in the active network.
  • Available around the world in 80 different countries.
  • Many Zoosk members share important stories on the Zoosk blog.
  • A great verification system.
  • A great verification system.
  • Users get a limited amount of SmartPicks.
  • The Carousel feature is for Zoosk members only.
  • An activation fee is charged along with subscription fees.
  • Users can’t cancel the subscription until the term is over.

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Zoosk dating is a major player in the global dating market, and every day many people are taking advantage of the Zoosk app to make new connections. The app is remarkably flexible in that it is useful for both who want to find serious long-term relationships and short-term hookups. Zoosk aims to bring like-minded single people together, whatever they are looking for.

The smart technology that the company employs has made this dating app popular and over 80 countries around the world. It is unique and unlike that of other dating services. The site has received over 40 million users over the years. The app has even been featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal.

The matchmaking technology of Zoosk learns about each member as they browse the site. SmartPick collects behavioral data from you and then matches you with a suitable user. If you look in the “Dating Insights” section, then you can see just how Zoosk is using the behavior to find new matches.

Zoosk Review: All You Need to Know

Audience Structure

As we mentioned, Zoosk has a lot of members worldwide. The number has currently surpassed the 40 million mark. The site receives 1.5 million logins daily, and activity is very high. It is, therefore, highly likely that you will find a match; in fact, Zoosk is always boasting about the many success stories that their members have had when using their service.

Is There Any Specification?

There is no particular specification for what you have to be on this site. You can expect the vast majority of members looking for long-term relationships and serious dating, although some are also looking for short-term flings. Zoosk tries to be accommodating to everybody’s needs, whoever you are and wherever you come from.

Geographical Structure

The vast majority of members, 20 million, come from the United States of America. You can expect the rest of the members to generally come from Western countries, although the platform is also prominent in Asia and South America.

Geographical Structure

Ethnic Structure

More members are Caucasian than any other ethnicity, but the ethnic structure of Zoosk is somewhat split.

Age Structure

When you go on Zoosk, expect most people to be relatively young. The highest age category is between 25 to 34, although there is a relatively equal percentage of members from all age categories. Zoosk seniors equally make up a large percentage of the membership, so there is something for everybody. The average age of the user is 27.

Gender Structure

Zoosk’s gender structure is pretty much 50-50. It is closely proportional. You will find people of all different gender identifications too, including non-binary and trans. However, Zoosk does not give you an option not to disclose your gender.

Sexual Orientation

Anybody can join the website, whether you’re looking for same-sex relationships. Zoosk is remarkably inclusive toward the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, if you are bisexual, you can have a second account free, allowing you to Zoosk login and search for both men and women, with more efficiency.

Sexual Orientation

Getting Started: Zoosk Sign Up

So, what is Zoosk, and how does Zoosk work? When you register, it will typically take between two and five minutes. Unlike other dating services, you can also skip the profile photo upload. Zoosk takes your data either from Google or Facebook, and after this, you can provide some necessary information about yourself to complete the signup process. Setting up a profile can be done in less than 10 minutes. It’s all pretty quick stuff!

Information You Will Have to Provide

It is a quick and simple process to signup. After you have filled out your personal information, including your gender, birthday, gender preference, ZIP Code, and email address, you’ll be pretty much good to go. The slightly irritating thing is that Zoosk will detect the use of a VPN, and you have to sign up using a ZIP Code from the country you’re a citizen of.

Verification Process

Profile verification needs to be carried out either by connecting a social media account or by providing Zoosk with your mobile phone number. After you have been verified, you can freely access all parts of the website. Do note that your access will be somewhat limited unless you are validating with a number. Other users will also see that you are a credible member when you connect social media accounts – this is a useful feature to ward off scammers.

Time It Takes to Get Approved

It doesn’t take long to get your profile approved. You will typically receive either text or an email in 30 seconds, and once you respond, then you’ll be good to go.

Time It Takes to Get Approved

Zoosk Account

You can’t search Zoosk without joining, so when you have a Zoosk account, you’ll be able to see what’s in store. Your profile picture will be visible to everybody, plus profiles will also feature any distilled gifts that you have received, plus all of your interests. If you become a member, you can compose your very own story – this is a neat little feature that we’re particularly fond of!

Zoosk Profile Structure

In general, the profiles on Zoosk look adequate and satisfactory for the purpose, although they are slightly dated in terms of style. However, you can quickly get a lot of information about a member just by observing their listed interests. Profiles will also show you all of the basics, including everything you needed to put in during your signup. The great thing about Zoosk is that profiles need to be validated, and you can observe how a member has to verify their identity – this allows you to trust people more and make connections better.

How does the searching process go?

The thing that sets Zoosk apart from the rest is the way that you find potential matches. The technology automatically finds possible matches for you by learning more about you as a person. In the beginning, you are asked just five simple questions, after which technology relies on your behavior to determine dating practices. People all over the world have spoken highly of the groundbreaking matchmaking tech, which takes into account who you click on or like, after which it will try and find you similar members to recommend. The main feature of the matchmaking process is known as “Carousel”, presenting users with the roulette-style dating system where you can stand flirts or skip users if you are not into them.

Zoosk Search

Zoosk Review: What Is SmartPick Technology?

Every time you do something, from accepting a connection to sending a message, the SmartPick technology engine discovers more about you. Zoosk then uses the information gathered to introduce you to users that you will probably find appealing.

Basic Search Features

Upon completing your Zoosk sign in, you will be able to search for your match. You will be able to narrow down your search using the basic distance and age filters. There are also filters for more in-depth characteristics such as body type, religion, smoking, kids or no kids, education, height, and much more.

Advanced Search Features

Other than the basic Zoosk search features, there is a number of advanced features that can increase the likelihood of searching for a good match. One of our favorites is the “Connections” feature, where you can add someone you’ve explored in order to let them know that you are indeed interested. Boost will also increase your visibility in people’s searches, helping you make better connections. It’s a great way of getting noticed on the platform and separating you from all the other thousands of members online, but it does cost.

Matching Process

If you are not a premium member, it will only be able to send flirts or browse profiles. The annoying thing is that if you message a free member without knowing that they are free members, then that user won’t be able to send you a message either. This also works the same when you post a gift.

Getting in Touch With Your Match

Two different varieties of matchmaking features are on offer. Carousel suggests profiles to you, and you can choose whether they are “maybe”, “x”, or “check”. It’s a fun system that is great to use when you’re killing time. The other feature is SmartPick, suggesting matches to you based on your behavior.

As a free user, you will not help much functionality. You certainly need to pay for a subscription to get the benefits, the most important of which is the ability to send messages. It is disappointing that Zoosk does not offer at least a few messages so that you can see how the system works before buying it. Both the frame member and a paid member can purchase Zoosk coins that will unlock the premium features.

Chat, Voice and Video Calls

The only way that you communicate on Zoosk is by sending messages. We would have preferred if there was also a video chat feature, but the company does not offer this. There is also no voice call feature either, so you can’t hear who you are matching with. A lot of other dating sites provide these capabilities.

Chat, Voice and Video Calls

Is Zoosk a Safe Dating Site?

To answer this question fully, we carried out a comprehensive search online, reading hundreds of testimonials, and speaking to numerous users. We can confidently say that when you know how to use Zoosk, it is entirely safe, and the verification process helps keep a lot of scammers away. If you fail to verify your identity, you will not be able to use the platform to find a potential match. If you ever do encounter a fake profile, you will easily be able to report it to administrators.

Data Privacy and Protection in Place

All user’s personal data is completely encrypted using the standard precautions. On top of this, Zoosk urged the members to look out and the instincts when searching for members. It is good to see that the website is committed to sussing out scammers and unwanted people in order to facilitate a great dating experience.

Are There Many Scam Profiles on Zoosk?

On balance, there are hardly any scam profiles on this platform. Occasionally bots have been able to respond automatically. However, they certainly don’t make up even a small proportion of profiles. Zoosk is not the place for scammers to prey on potential victims.

How Is the Website Moderated?

The website does an excellent job of making it easy for a user to block anyone they think are violating the carefully laid out rules. Anybody who is also engaging and nefarious or suspicious behavior can be blocked at the touch of a button. One thing’s for sure that the validation process does help keep unwanted visitors away.

Help and Support Team

When we posed a series of different questions to the Zoosk customer service team, they were generally swift in their response and were able to combat our problems and fabricated Zoosk complaints, professionally providing detailed replies. In general, we think the help and support team are indeed very helpful. It is good to see that there is a phone number available to ring when somebody is having trouble. A lot of dating sites do not offer service, and it shows that Zoosk cares about their customers.

Help and Support Team

Website Usability

We think that the design is very much straightforward and simple to use. You should not have a problem navigating your way around, even if you have no experience of online dating. All the features couldn’t be laid out more straightforward on the menu found on the left-hand side of the page. Everything about your profile appears on the upper right side and can be accessed by a drop-down menu. Our only qualm is that for a website whose most extensive user base is young, the site could do with a revamp in terms of aesthetics. The design does not scream out fun or sophistication.

Is There the Zoosk App Available?

The Zoosk dating app contains the exact same features as can be found on the website, other than the Dating insights section. Because this particular section shows lots of data, it would be difficult to fit it on your mobile screen. All of the search features can be easily accessed via the icons found on the bottom of the app. The application uses a simple design with a muted color palette of grey and blue, helping to guide the user along. The only thing that we disliked was a set of advertisements on display. However, the premium subscription will rid you of these advertisements.

Membership Options

Many dating sites provide a lot more exciting features when you become a member, so what does Zoosk offer, and is it worth paying? Hopefully, upon reading, you will know whether this app is right for you.

Zoosk Free Version

If you are a free user, you can take advantage of creating a profile and registering your account. You will also be able to access Zoosk’s Carousel service, view profiles, and send either hearts or smileys to people who pique your interest. Zoosk offers a free trial on their blog, but this really isn’t anything different from creating a profile and using the features mentioned above. If you do see offers from Zoosk regarding a Zoosk free trial, it is only a disappointing offer to create an account that you would have thought to do anyway. However, there are often Zoosk promo code pages in their help desk, so browse around because you might be able to get 10% off of premium membership.

Zoosk Free Version

Premium Features

Going premium will give you certain advantages, the most important of which will be that you can send messages to other users. You will also get access to Zoosk’s SmartPicks and will be able to browse in incognito mode. One of our favorite ferries is that you will be able to see who likes you. What’s better than knowing that there is somebody out there it definitely expresses interest in you?

Zoosk Pricing: Plans and Prices

So is Zoosk free? If you’re wondering how much does Zoosk cost, it depends on how long you want to be a member. One month of membership will cost $29.95, and the cost will drop to $15 if you subscribe for six months. The credits used to make purchases such as gifts and boosts cost $4.99 for 50 of them, and $49.99 for 750 coins.

We think that the fees are relatively average for a dating site, but we are unimpressed by the activation fee that new members will have to pay. If you are a brand-new number, you will also need to pay $24.95 on top of monthly costs. It is disappointing to see this additional membership cost, and it is certainly not typical of many dating sites out there to implement an activation fee such as this.

Cancelling Your Zoosk Subscription and Deleting Your Profile

If you want to cancel Zoosk and delete your profile, it is swift to do. We didn’t find any problem when we had a go ourselves. The company makes it quite simple to remove your profile and cancel it. All you need to do is follow the button on the website in the Account Settings section.

Cancelling Your Zoosk Subscription and Deleting Your Profile


We think that Zoosk offers a brilliant platform for modern single people who are looking to form new and serious connections. You don’t have to look very far to see real-life success stories on the internet of people who ended up by the altar thanks to their service. On offer is a straightforward and simple user experience, which is not too packed with features. The operation is streamlined, and the company does an excellent job to ensure that people are who they say they are by forcing strict account validation. The account validation helps keep scammers and troublesome users away. We hope you’ve found our Zoosk review useful, and we thoroughly recommend taking advantage of the many Zoosk dating site features on offer.

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